11th May 2006: Release of Tunapie version

I am pretty happy with the way Tunapie is coming on. Not only is it compatible with the streamlistings from Shoutcast, it now works with the Icecast directory as well. I have also added a little hack so that Tunapie works out what kind of nsv stream it is trying to play and appends the correct option to mplayer. This means that a lot of the previously unplayable adult streams now work! (not that I'm too interested in that sort of thing, of course!).

I am also starting to really appreciate the capability of recording things in the future, or setting Tunapie to record streams for a fixed amount of time. This really saves on disk space and hassle. The fact I can close Tunapie, and the recording still happens is the icing on the cake!

Having said all this, there are still plenty of bugs so get reporting!